Our Guarantee

Our services are backed by our professional support team. We have decades of experience in weight loss support and we know that our program will help you with your goals. We’ve helped over 100,000 patients. After your initial consultation with our weight loss professionals if you are not happy with the level of service you’ve received or believe the program is not for you we are glad to provide a partial refund on the unused portion of your consultations. However, we believe strongly in our program and we guarantee our best results if you stick with the program (4-month). We have the best success rates by far for those patients that stick with the program for the entirety. We will teach you tricks along the way that are invaluable in your long term weight loss efforts. Weight loss does not occur over night or even in a few days, but after learning how to treat your body and what to put in your body and how to best maintain your body you will learn invaluable information that historically has only been available to those fortunate enough to spend tens of thousands of dollars on personal trainers and weight loss coaches.

Refund Policy

If you have signed up for our 4-month program we will offer you a refund on any un-used sessions with our weight loss consultants. Upon signing up for our services you will immediately begin to receive significant amounts of invaluable information. We will provide you access to gourmet chef-prepared meal plans, access to 800 and 1,000 calorie daily calorie plans and access to unlimited low-calorie recipes. Further, the information you receive from our consultants many people pay tens of thousands of dollars for. If after your initial consultation you are unhappy with the services provided please create a Support Ticket at or call Customer Support 1-505-510-2913 for additional information on how to process your return. You will be eligible to receive $25 for each un-used consultation.

*GENERAL HEALTH ANNOUNCEMENT RE: COVID 19 - All of the recent reports are focusing attention on the fact that those patients experiencing the most severe hospital experiences from Corona Virus are some that are overweight. The US has the highest number of Corona cases and Obesity is a bigger risk for COVID-19 than hypertension, diabetes or any other chronic disease.