Do You Know Why?

6 Day Weight Medical Weight Loss offers a weight loss “program” for its patients. If you understand why it could make all the difference to your weight loss success. The experience of our staff in medical weight loss exceeds 125 years. What we have learned over the decades is what success looks like. And more importantly what we have learned is what makes a successful program. When we offer a “package program” it is for a reason. No, the reason is not to make more money. It is because the products included in the program have been known to lead to success for our patients. Truthfully it is more profitable when you refuse to purchase a package. We do it for you. You save money and it likely helps you achieve your goals.

When you become a patient you should pay attention to what works. If a patient decides they don’t want certain supplements that help with sleep, energy, fat metabolism or other components then the patients are designing their own program. Frankly that does not usually work. Can you imagine going to the cardiologist, dermatologist, podiatrist or internist and when they suggest products you decide to do other things? Why would you go and not listen. If patients can design their own programs it makes little sense for them to enroll in weight loss programs. You need to follow the program completely for the period of time necessary to see results.

Healthy programs for overall wellness take some time but the results can be life altering. When you design your own program and the amount of time you choose to follow it you will probably complain about your progress. Think about it. Pay medical providers to help you with a long term plan and then not listen or pay attention. There are words that describe that behavior. One of which would be “failure” which is the result most likely to occur. Please let us help you achieve the success you are looking for and stay focused with the entire program.

*GENERAL HEALTH ANNOUNCEMENT RE: COVID 19 - All of the recent reports are focusing attention on the fact that those patients experiencing the most severe hospital experiences from Corona Virus are some that are overweight. The US has the highest number of Corona cases and Obesity is a bigger risk for COVID-19 than hypertension, diabetes or any other chronic disease.